Wed Designing 101

That is only a small amount of information you will learn and there is a lot of new stuff to learn just about every single day.

Web designing is when you create lines, shapes, color, and texture. When you add color the website will look good. Web designing is a very good thing to learn. Some of the other website designs includes: information architecture, website structure, user interfere, back ground textures, the navigation ergonomics, website layout, contrast, fonts, and icon design. However, there are a lot of other things to learn. There are some web hosting company that have website builders for their customers this type of website creating is really easy. Some of the things that those type of web hosting plans include: power plugins, website building software, multimedia features, and advertising tools, they also have e-commerce tools too. Using these elements and combined them with the principles of design to create a result that will meet the goals that were created for the website.


Many people get confused about web design and web development. Web design is the part where customers can see your website and click through it. Now web development is the back portion of the website. No one can see this part of the website but you and who ever you gave permission too. Most good web developers pays close attention to the detail of the website.

Designing is a important part of web design. And now time has changed since the 90’s when the internet started getting popular and websites were just viewed as online stores. Web designing has came along way and now it seems like every body has a website on the internet. And web design is a general term that describes any task needed to help create a website. Web design also focus on creating the front portion of the website.

There have been some ground-breaking advancements in the web design industry. Web design has came a long way at first they didn’t function correctly because the browser was not working correctly. As the result of this problem their were some updating done so therefore the browser is no longer a problem so that is a good thing. When you are working on a website it is best that you truly know what you are doing. Because, if your website is not done correctly it will not work and you will loose out on potential customers.


When you are ready to create your own website you should know how you want it to look, how you want it to work, and the type of people you want to attract. Another thing when you are looking for someone to work on your website you should know if you want a web design or a web development. And if you want both things done then you do need to know the difference. When you are learning how to create a website you must learn the language as well.

Another part of web development and web design you must learn is the language. The hyper text markup language is very important if you are the person you hired do not know the language then there is no way you will be able to create a website. So, it is good that you learn the language before you do anything else. By knowing the language you can tell the browser how to make the website appear. A newer version of the HTML is called XHTML and this language help the website developer to create a much clearer command.