Web Designing And The Ground-Breaking Advancements

Web design is a task where you plan and create websites. Websites are getting easier and easier to create. When website development were first started it was very hard to create and you needed a lot of experience to create a website. There is a lot of work involved in creating a website. If you want to learn how to create websites then you should check out the different websites on the internet there is a lot of ways to learn web design for free.

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Designing is very important when you are trying to create a website. Web designing has it’s own language. Some of the web design includes: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Ajax, CGI programming, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion scripting, XML, DOM, URL, FTP, HTTP, RSS, CMS, SGML, and SEO. The meaning of these abbreviations are:

HTML – means hyper text mark up language. It is used to build a web page.

CSS- means cascading style sheets. It is used to tell how everything will be showed on your website

Java Script and Ajax- this is a language that can make your website unique.

CGI Programming – means common gateway interface. CGI Programming let’s you add things to your website like forms.

ASP- means active server pages

PHP- means P hypertext pre processor. PHP is used to create data base driven web pages.

SEO- means search engine. SEO is there to help your potential customers find your website.

XML- means eXtensible markup language. XML is new for XHTML and XML is from SGML which is also a put data in standard format.

SSI- means server slide includes. SSI also let you move a HTML document to another one.

CMS- means content management system or content management software.

SGML- means standard generalized markup language. SGML is a language that define documents.


RSS- means really simple syndication. RSS is also a type of XML which let web content produces to share their content on other websites.

FTP- means file transfer protocol. When using FTP you can move your files all around the internet.

HTTP- stands for hypertext transfer protocol. HTTP is used every time you ask to view a website.

URL- means uniformed resource locator. A URL is the website address.

DOM- means document object model. DOM is a method or the objects web developers use.

Those are a few things you need to know in order to make a website. Also when you design a website there will be all sorts of information you will need to learn. Other things that you must understand and they are: information architecture, server management, web strategy, marketing, ecommerce, and conversions, design, speed, and content.