Web Design Techniques

Prototyping- There is a new prototyping tool that will let the web designer show a digital experience will look like and it will also allow them to see what functions can be performed. However, this tool still needs a little more work but it will eventually work better.


More Sketch Adoption- sketching was made to make digital designs, which will make everything look so beautiful. It will also getting very popular as a result of being introduce by Bohemian Coding. Even though adobe photoshop is good it wasn’t made to design websites.

Business Demand For Mobile- since there has been an increase of people using their cell phones a lot there will be a demand for business owners to get apps for their customers mobile phones. Sometime in the future everybody will just use their cell phones for everything so it is best that most business owners accommodate their customers by offering them a app. This is the future of the internet so it is always good to check it out to see if it is a good fit for your business. Since this is the future it is best to at least try it out on a trial bases.

There is a new web design tool that is used to create templates for blogs and websites. The name is Artisteer 2.0 it adds support for open source management systems such as: Joomla and Drupal.